The newest concept BMW Vision

The newest concept BMW Vision was shown by designers from Munich and produced success in the society of motorists. As a base, a warm tone with copper flowers was selected, transforming according to external circumstances, or at the request of the chauffeur. A reasonable car is able to adapt to the environment thanks to the most modern technologies of the concern, which are now kept secret.

In the development of stories about the masterpieces of the design of BMW, I will tell you about the latest concept Vision. All that is only possible to expect from a supernova futuristic sedan with sport-mindedness is connected in this mechanism. The latest BMW Vision was invented by BMW AG AG plan expert Sungmo Lim, who works for the auto giant in Munich. The volume of the elegant concept is much to satisfy all lovers of sports cars, as the copper-red coupe reaches 4.90 meters in length and 1.37 meters in height. Small-sized from the outside edge, inside the car is very spacious and gorgeous in order to compete with sedan from BMW.

The main target of BMW in the formation of the newest concept of BMW Vision was to add warmth and technical excellence to the car. For this reason, the artist preferred a warmed tone with reddish yellow colors, focusing on compactness, straight lines and intelligent technologies. Enjoy the beauty of this powerful car in the photo below.

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