Swim up! Celebrities show off new beach fashion

Secular lionesses, heroes of TV shows, stars of social networks – all of them are ready to shock the public for glory, it would be something! Now for shocking, a new beach trend is quite suitable: bikinies should open not only breasts, but also hips with buttocks. Pull up swimming trunks higher – and people on the beach do not even have to strain your imagination! Look at the secular girls in fashionable swimming trunks – and you will understand everything yourself!

Kim Kardashian in tight-fitting swimming trunks

Montana Brown from the TV show “Island of Love”

TV presenter Jessica Wright: it seems her luxurious swimsuit is soon transforming into a belt

Model Bella Hadid is not far behind fashion

Emily Ratzhakovski swimsuit with high waist leaves no room for imagination

Trendy video blogger Maddie Bruce also keeps up

Bella Hadid changed the swimsuit, but not the style - swimming trunks are still raised to the waist

Ashley Graham, plus-size model, hints that big girls won't stand aside from the new fashion either.

Fashion blogger Maddie Edwards shows off V-shaped swimming trunks

Olivia Buckland from the TV show "Island of Love" does not lag behind the rival on the show

Demi Rose Mowby, an Instagram star: and let him slam!

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