Girls and details

Many men, when viewing photos with girls, usually do not see beyond their nose. In this post we will try to draw your attention to the interesting little things that previously remained in the shadows.

What do you think, why put a bed in the dance hall?

And then some strange design …


And here, in general, radiator grids are not closed. Ugliness!

Do you also see this man running with a torch?

All anything, but this lady with the bracelet is under house arrest

What an unusual tree in the background?

The girl is beautiful, but she hasn’t cooked dumplings – the dough is still white

And whose are there men’s slippers and a backpack?

It seems to be a good trainer, but we regretted money for the cooler. Look, visitors have forced all the windowsills with their bottles.

A hundred times said that laptops are very hot when they lie on a soft

If you look closely, then behind you can see a crowd of men. Emotions on their faces are identical to yours, which you experience while watching this post.

But not immediately able to see this hole in the floor and tasteless wallpaper on the wall

On the ceiling in this room decided to save

The most suspicious photo in this collection. What makes this stunning girl in this hardware store?

There might be an inappropriate joke about Hogwarts, but it will not. The following photos are for those who do not like signatures.

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