High Speed Pursuit Captured On Camera, Suspect’s Car Was Rolling On Rims

A police chase was caught on camera in Hayden, Idaho, where a man wanted for kidnapping and burglary led authorities on a lengthy pursuit from behind the wheel of a stolen car.

The footage comes courtesy of a motorist who saw the suspect, Hunter Jenkins, flying past him at high speed after three different encounters with spike strips, which left Jenkins’ stolen Honda in serious need of new rubber.

It would be at this point that we would urge you to mind the explicit language used by the person filming the action, but at the same time we can understand his amazement after seeing no fewer than 19 (!) police vehicles engage the suspect.

The description of the video reads as follows: “The Kootenai County Sheriffs department and the Bonner County sheriffs department chased this man was who was wanted for burglary, kidnapping, and vehicle theft. Spike strips were deployed at three intersections and the driver was riding on rims at the speed of 55 miles per hour. The cops finally stopped the 18-year-old driver with a pit maneuver, ramming him into a rental car and surrounding him with guns out.”

According to KHQ, the suspect was eventually taken into custody after his car was brought to a halt.

Nevertheless, we can’t help but wonder if almost 20 patrol cars were needed to stop a single vehicle. Then again, that was the officers’ call, and we don’t purport to know their job better than them, so we’ll leave it at that.

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